30 November 2011

The Great Tree Hunt, 2011

The day we get our Christmas tree is one of my favorite days of the year. We've gone to the same tree farm for the past 4 or 5 years, and now that we have kids we have started some little traditions to keep the day fun.

Daph is so excited about Christmas. I told her the other day that it was almost Christmastime, and since then she's been asking every day if we can 'go to Christmas.' I don't know what that means to her, but it's fun to see her having such a good time.

Monday we told her we were going to find our Christmas tree. She was bouncing off the walls with joy.

First we stopped at a little donut shop in Gresham.

Happiness for Daphne:

She likes the chocolate ones.

Christian had a good time, too:

We got to the farm where all our hopes and dreams of a jovial time trekking through the trees came to a screeching halt.

Literally, screeching.

First Daphne was super sad at the acres of what we were calling 'Christmas trees.' I think she expected hundreds of lit up and beautiful trees.

Then, I don't know, she just started throwing fits and laying down in the dirt.

It was strange and slightly disheartening. Did she not get the memo that this is one of my favorite days?

Finally we just picked a tree and hoped that when we got home and had a chance to look at it we would find that it was full of branches and had no giant dead spots.

At home things did pick up a bit.

Daphne was thrilled that we were bringing the tree into the house. As soon as we had it in she made herself at home right in front of it.

She loved decorating it.

Christian slept through our entire decorating party, but enjoyed hanging out with Daphne once he woke up.

Despite the somewhat disappointing tree hunt, we still managed to come home with the most beautiful tree ever.

And we came home with this most adorable little reindeer, so that was worth it.

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