02 December 2011

Christian: Month 3

Would you believe it if I told you Christian is 3 months old now? I know, it's almost unbelievable.

He is such a gem. Really. I could just kiss his chubby cheeks all day long.

Snuggling with the Grinch and wearing Christmas jammies. Because it's Christmastime.

During his awake time he'll lay on the floor or in his bouncy seat and be quite content. If you sit next to him and talk, he will give you huge smiles and answer all your questions with little gurgles and coos. I know I should take advantage of his contented state to do some housework, but he distracts me so.

I'm OK with that. I think when I'm 80 and looking back over my life I won't be wishing I had kept my house cleaner, rather I think I'll be thankful that I snuggled my sweet babies as often as I could.

1 month

2 months

3 months


Anonymous said...

aww he is so sweet!

you should keep the same load of laundry in the basket.

Kelley said...

Is he going to fit in the basket at 4 months? I need a Portland run.