14 December 2011

Birthday Week

Let's take one minute and discuss the fact that Daphne turns 3 next week.

Helloooo heart attack. How did that happen?

We're really starting to notice the problems that come with having a Christmas baby. Celebrating is the pits. I think we've decided that we'll always keep Christmas Eve morning as just her birthday before we need to head to any family Christmas event. We'll have a fun birthday breakfast with presents and we won't talk about Christmas at all. We won't wrap her gifts in Christmas paper and we won't ever do a combination birthday/Christmas gift. Because that's lame.

That's all we've decided so far. As she gets older and more aware we'll probably just ask her what she wants to do to make her birthday more fun since we can't do any special activity on her actual birthday. Celebrate on her half birthday? Celebrate on January 24? Whatever sounds good to her.

Last night she celebrated with her Grandma, who also has a December birthday.

It's nice for birthday people to wear crowns.

My favorite was the birthday cakes which I baked in 4oz. canning jars. Thank goodness for Pinterest or I would just be making regular cupcakes. We can't have that.

Today she enjoyed playing with her new toys. The pliers that came in her new tool box are very useful...

...and she was teaching Christian how to play Memory.

Until this started happening:

Why does she always want to do that? Poor Christian.

I did make one rule: she cannot use her new tools on Christian. He does not need his head hammered or screw drivers in his ears. She is in fact not allowed to hammer anyone. A good rule for any household.

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