13 December 2011

It's Nice to Know I'd Jump in Front of a Bus if I Had To

Yesterday the kids and I were walking through the Target parking lot, Christian in his stroller and Daphne holding my hand. We were walking right behind a white SUV when the driver started backing up, and none too slowly.

You know that moment when you think "my, my, that person is getting awful close, but I'm sure they are paying attention and will stop soon," and then they usually stop. I thought that would happen...but it didn't.

I jerked Daphne's arm to throw her out of the way, put myself in front of the stroller and pushed it out of the way, and then managed to get myself out of the way right in the nick of time.

The driver didn't see me standing there clutching my kids in fear until she had pulled out far enough that I was even with her passenger side window. She looked a little startled to see me there, what with being distracted on her cell phone and all.

She pulled back in to finish her call, and then as she left, drove by my car and apologized for not paying attention. I thought that was nice of her.

I didn't tell Daphne what had happened (like, "hey, that lady almost hit us!") because I didn't want her to be scared. But several times over the course of the evening she would mention the lady at Target who crashed into us and tried to squish us, so I guess she is more aware than I expect her to be.

You might wonder at times in an emergency, would you save yourself or your kids? I'm glad to know, thanks to our near-squished experience, that I would indeed jump in front to save my children.

I have officially become a mother. (Because the miserable pregnancies/long labors/never sleeping again definitely isn't enough.)


Kelley said...

That's when banging on the SUV is acceptable. If you put a dent in, you put a dent in.

nathan said...

Totally dent worthy. Had a guy nearly run into me when i was out on a run once in high school. I saw it coming, and he was moving slow enough (making a right, looking left) so that i had time to slam my hands hard onto his hood (getting ready to push up onto it). Boy did he stop fast then!

Anyway, glad you guys are alright. People are such stupid drivers when they pick up their phones. Been proven multiple times to often be more impairing than being drunk to talk to someone who isn't there with you. Not too mention the complete idiocy of texting while driving. Just last week had to brake to avoid someone changing lanes while texting. Crazy.

Hillary said...

I'm glad you guys are alright. I agree that was totally bang worthy to hit the SUV to get her attention. Nice of her to appologize but she deffinately should have been paying better attention and finished her phone call before ever trying to back out of the parking spot. It's really irriatating for sure when people get on their phone and forget how to drive. Very scary

melissa said...

I know...I should have hit her car. I thought of that later. But it happened so fast and she was so close to us that it was either get out of the way, or hit the car and get run over. I chose to get out of the way. Although if she had actually run over me, maybe she would have bought me a present. That could have been cool.

Kelley said...

The judge would have told to have no contact. Remember? Did you get a gift from the last person who hit you?