23 December 2011

Daphne: 3 Years

Some things I love about this 3 year old of mine...

Birthday pancakes this morning. She blew the candles out too quickly for a picture.

I love that she always finds a friend at the playground.

I love that one of her new favorite phrases is "look at me, mama!" I love that she wants to do things that make me laugh.

I love that another favorite phrase is "can I help you, mama?" I love that she wants to be with me, doing what I'm doing.

I love hearing her little voice say "mama."

birthday ice cream at Red Robin

I love that she loves going to church.

I love that she's happiest when we're spending time as a family.

As a new 3 year old...

Her favorite songs to listen to are "Ice, Ice Baby," "Everybody Dance Now" and "Frosty the Snowman." She asks for them as soon as we get in the car.

Her favorites to sing at bedtime are "How Great Thou Art," "It Is Well" and "Angel's We Have Heard on High."

Traditional Dec. 22 lunch at Izzy's.

She loves playing with Duplos, cooking, playing the piano, and visiting friends.

She loves to eat fruit, peanut butter, and ice cream.

We struggle with temper tantrums in stores and fussiness and grouchy behavior at home. Sometimes I wish she liked playing alone a little bit better, but I know she needs to spend quality time with me to help her know she's loved.

So sometimes the house is messier than I would like it to be and we eat peanut butter on crackers with carrot sticks and apples for supper on more nights than I can count, but it's because we have this girl here with us:

And a perfectly clean house isn't so important anymore.

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. ~Ps. 127:3


Arms Full of Babies said...

I just love that girl! Happy birthday dearest Daphne! What a treasure you are!

nathan said...

Happy Birthday!!! Daphne, you rock.