03 January 2012

Our Christmases Were Merry

I didn't get it, though.

Christmas Eve was a 49ers game.

Christmas Day Daphne discovered what stockings were all about. Christian took the longest nap of his life and missed opening stockings, eating Christmas breakfast, and opening gifts. I'm glad he didn't notice that he had no stocking or gifts.

Monday we dressed like elves and other festive folks.

Wednesday we played crazy tourists and ate at the Carver Cafe. Twilight, anyone? We bought t-shirts, because that's what tourists do. The food is really good, though, so I think you can go there even if you don't like Twilight.

Now our tree is out and the lights are down and Daphne is asking for more Christmas parties. Apparently 5 parties weren't enough for her. Or they were just enough to make her think we should establish a weekly Christmas party habit.

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