23 January 2012

Scrawny but Healthy

Christian turned 4 months and Daphne turned 3 all at about the same time and so we were able to book their well child appointments together.

I kind of forgot about Christian's 2 month appointment (read: lazy, didn't feel like going, etc., etc., etc.,). I got a call from his doctor's office saying "we noticed Christian is late for his 1 year appointment, so please call to schedule soon." I really felt the love with that one.

Anyways, it was quite exciting to see that Daphne is 0.01 on the percentile chart for height and Christian is 1 percentile for weight (read: my children, the overachievers). He's 70th percentile for height and weighed 11lbs 12 oz.

At least now I know why Christian still wants to eat every 3 hours at night. Although wouldn't it be SO great if he stopped doing that?

Daphne was IN LOVE with the little hospital gown she got to wear (read: she cried when we took it off and wanted to take it home with her). I've never known anyone to be so happy to wear a hospital gown.

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Marla said...

Eva was in the 1% for height and weight for a really long time. Weight-wise for several years. I understand the plight of middle of the night feedings for a runty kid well! And Miss Thing is still very small for her age, but she's very healthy and very charismatic. Oodles of personality, so much so that one would never know she's the smallest in her grade at her school. He'll be a great little guy. Just you wait. =)