11 January 2012

Even More Cooking (AKA: I {Heart} Pinterest)

Have I mentioned that Daphne is super into doing projects right now? Like cooking? I find myself spending a bit of time in the evenings planning projects for the next day. Suddenly I feel like a teacher again. Maybe I should buy a teacher planning book! I sure did love those things.

Anyways, today we made banana snowmen, which I found (surprise!) on Pinterest. How many times do you think Pinterest will be mentioned on the blog this year? I guess one zillion times.

I made Daphne the first snowman so she could see what we were doing. Mine looked exactly liked the picture linked above, minus a face. It was 5:30PM and I was too tired to come up with face ingredients. Body, arms and buttons seems good enough to me. (I realize 5:30PM does not seem late enough to be so tired, but it is very late when you've been up since 2:30AM with The Boy Child Who Will Not Sleep.)

Apparently to Daphne my faceless Frosty was not good enough, so she gave him bulging eyeballs and a Pinocchio nose. Freaky. (Seriously, just focus your gaze on the bulging eyes and imagine that snowman coming at you in the night...)

When she was finished she took great delight in telling me that she ate Frosty the Snowman.

In Christian related news, his rolling has put a serious crimp in our sleeping (and was the reason he couldn't sleep after 2:30 this morning). Then today he napped not one minute. I thought he was rolling a bit early so I looked it up today and sure enough, it's typical to start rolling back-to-front at 6 months. Front-to-back usually comes first around 5 months.

Goodness, son, I'm glad you excel in rolling, but let's just go back to napping, yes?

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