04 January 2012

Christian: 4 Months

Right now the boy is lying in his bed loudly protesting nap time, so suffice it to say that sleep is still not going well. I think I would give a kidney to sleep a 5 hour stretch some night. 8 hours and I would probably die of pure happiness. Even 3 hours would put a spring in my step.

Other than being a wretched sleeper, Christian is pretty much perfect in every other way. I had heard of folks who said their babies only cried when they were tired or hungry but since my experience with my first baby was pretty much as opposite from that as possible, it's pretty amazing to now get live with one of those babies. He still smiles often, laughs easily, and makes me thankful everyday for his easy going personality.

I'm most thankful that even though he's tired from refusing sleep with all his might, he manages to stay happy during the day. It's hard to be tired beyond belief and then have to care for an overly tired and cranky child, so the fact that he can look at me with his red rimmed eyes and still muster up a smile warms my heart.

I would have 10 more babies if I knew they would be just like Christian. He's pretty great.

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