31 January 2012

Christian: 5 Months

Somewhere along the way I lost my teeny, tiny baby and now there's this big boy in my house.

A big boy who can wear shoes. I told David that although these little shoes (his first pair!) are a little too big for him right now, it won't be long before we're saying "remember when his feet were so tiny he could wear these little things?"

I held a sleeping intervention for Christian last week and didn't go to him when he woke up for the first time one night (he'd only been asleep for about an hour and a half, I knew he wasn't hungry). He cried and cried, but after that he only woke up once more to eat, and then slept until morning. He did the same thing the next night, but with no crying. The past few nights he's been getting up twice, but I will take it (for now).

I tell you, I feel like a new person with all this sleep I've been getting! It doesn't hurt my face to smile! If you call me on the phone, I might not even feel like shredding something in your ear! (You can read this post here to know what I'm talking about.)

How funny that getting up ONLY twice makes me feel like I could run a marathon.

Nap time is still not so good. I've been following the advice of one of my favorite sleep books, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child so I know that someday he will just give in to the pressure and sleep. Do you hear that, Christian? Just give in to the pressure.

Otherwise, as a 5 month old Christian:

*Finally rolls front to back, so now he can roll himself all over the house.

*Wears some 0-3 month clothes, but mostly size 3 months and a few 3-6 months. 6 months stuff is still gigantic.

*We are done swaddling because of his rolling, so now he has to wear a pink sleep sack to sleep in. Most baby items that I knew we would use for multiple children are gender neutral in color, but every so often something very girly slipped through. But Christian looks good in pink, as noted here with this pink diaper:

*He got his first kiss from Brynner.

*Sleeps in his crib in the nursery. This means I need to get busy and fix up the nursery all boy-like.

*Chews on his fingers and hands and my fingers and baby toys. He can grab stuff, too. So talented.

*Likes to stand up.

*Is becoming super chatty and squeals like a girl.

*Thinks I'm the most hilarious person to walk the planet.

It's true buddy, I am.

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