22 December 2011


Daphne is eating up the time I spend with her on crafty or cooking projects. It's almost the only time (at home) when she is not, let's just say, expressing her negative feelings about having to share mama's attention. She loves Christian with all her heart, but the transition from being an only child to being a big sister hasn't always been easy on her.

Today we made chocolate covered pretzels. Usually I dip the pretzels so they are completely covered in chocolate, but imaging Daph digging around in a bowl of chocolate kind of gave me heart palpitations, so we used spoons to drizzle the chocolate instead. They pretty much look like an almost 3 year old made them, which is fitting since an almost 3 year old did make most of them. And she loved every minute of it.

Daddy joined in for a bit:

Then Christian woke up and was not happy to be watching the cooking when he really wanted to be eating. (This is the best picture of him, ever.)

We're going to take pretzels to the neighbors tomorrow and Daphne is so excited about that. Do I tell them she was licking off her spoon??

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