02 November 2011

A Happy Halloween

I wasn't sure we would get around to doing Halloween this year, what with the tiny, non-sleeping person in the house. The days are flying by and things that aren't paramount to our day-to-day survival aren't always getting done.

David and Daphne managed to squeeze in a pumpkin carving one day. I was feeding Christian and did not get to participate. Sad, because I had the perfect idea for my pumpkin that I'll just have to save for next year. I'm sure we'll be back on track by then.

We didn't even make our trick-or-treat plans until October 30. Fortunately I had bought Christian a little outfit months ago when he was just 'the baby who will be born someday.'

I had the best idea for Daphne, and while I thought she looked like what she was supposed to look like, others (ahem, David) may have mocked her outfit a bit.

Can you guess?

(Hint: not a flight attendant, not a girl going to church, and not a random 60's chick.)

If you guessed Daphne from Scooby Doo, you win my gratitude.

Apparently Daphne from Scooby Doo always wears a purple dress and a green scarf, but I just made do with what I had in the closet. And she loved wearing the scarf, so I say it was a win.

I have some cute photos from our trick-or-treat run, but since I didn't ask for permission to post photos of children that aren't my own, I won't post them and you can just imagine in your head Daph and two other little ones having a good time walking the streets. Because it was a good time.

I'm glad we did Halloween this year.

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