25 November 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving baby is so cute! It's a good thing he is so cute and that I love him so much because he still is sleeping quite poorly at night. God made babies cute for a very good reason.

These Thanksgiving siblings really love each other.

Oh dear, poor Christian.

That's (sort of) better. Face it, buddy, you have years of obligatory sibling photos ahead of you.

David's favorite part of this Thanksgiving was showing Christian how wonderful it is to spend the morning watching football. Clearly C was thrilled. Or terrified.

This morning we did a little Black Friday shopping, although it's a little hard to get too riled up about shopping when you're working it between nursing breaks. I went as wild as I could and got a new handbag, something I haven't done since I started carrying a diaper bag 3 years ago. David got a new shirt. Yes, our spending is out of control.

But you know we're really crazy when David starts flashing gangs signs at Taco Bell. Or whatever it is he's doing.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

1 comment:

Kelley said...

The second photo of the two loving siblings, C has a D expression! Love it.