08 August 2013

An Instagram Wrap-Up

Apparently this is the week for entertaining guests.  Let me do a little mental count...six groups of people in six days.  I think that's a record even for us.  What I love about having people over all the time is that it makes me be really good at meal planning and mostly good at keeping the house clean.  I mean, I also love spending time with the guests who come over, but really, it's the accountability to get all my work done that I enjoy.  (Kidding, kidding; I like the people better.) 

Our activities have included roasting marshmallows for s'mores, babies, Christian deciding he finally likes babies, friends to play ponies with, an overnight visit with GAL, GAL bringing gifts, lunchtime guests and suppertime guests, and tomorrow night will be Book Club.  I better finish up my book.

Speaking of GAL (the kids' Great-Aunt-Lori), she lives in Alaska where she has tamed the wild frontier to start a u-pick garden.  She is a workhorse like you wouldn't believe (not like a big, brawny, sweaty workhorse; a delicate, ladylike workhorse) and reading her blog makes me tired sometimes.  It is a life goal of mine to be as productive and energetic as GAL. 

Note that I like linking to other blogs when they write nice things about me? I'm generous like that.

Between guests we've had time for a few other activities.

Christian likes to get out a pile of trucks, tractors and trains and set up roadways and construction sites on the sofa.  He entertains himself for hours a week like this.  I kind of love it.

Because of this link found via Pinterest the kids got to play with a construction sensory box filled with beans and cornmeal.  (The rocks were left out for us because I knew Christian would just throw them as he thinks rocks are for throwing.  And occasionally for chewing on.)  We've done beans before but never cornmeal, and the kids LOVED the cornmeal addition.  The first time we did this they played for an entire hour with hardly a peep out of them. One whole hour.  Isn't that amazing?

Daphne has been in a My Little Pony phase this week (with a few G.I. Joe men mixed in) .  She'll go a month without playing with them and then have a week where she can't get enough.  The other day she had them paired off to get married at a 'marry meeting' (because she didn't know the word for wedding).

I found a big train book at the library for Christian.  It's 10 pages of him asking "what's this?"  and me saying "it's a train."  Then I showed him that I know how to draw a train and now he's constantly shoving a pen in my hand asking for me to draw a 'choo-choo.'  Over and over and over again.

I posted this picture on Sunday of David and I accidentally dressing alike.  It was so embarrassing.  (Except it wasn't because no one said anything and I actually forgot about it over the course of the day since I was always just looking at him and not at him AND me.  So it was fine. Maybe we'll start doing it more often.)


Michelle said...

I'm glad we could be one of the groups of people that got to hang out with you. And that we could provide a baby for Christian to decide to love. It was all very fun!

Lori said...

Everyone LOVES staying at Melissa's house!