04 September 2013

Beware of Little Boys

I thought girls were the most fun babies to have.  Hair bows and dresses and tea parties and all that.  Pink and purple and sparkles. (I really love sparkles.)

But then I had a baby boy.  Blue and green and brown.  Trucks, tractors, trains.  And let me tell you, there is nothing like it. Those people who say you can never find cute boy clothes?  I think they are not looking in the right places.  Boy clothes are plentiful and a special kind of darling. 

Boys aren't better than baby girls; not by a long shot.  It's just so different and unexpected and wonderful.  Impossible to guess until you get to have one.
My baby boy turned two on Saturday.  You would know that if I was up on my blogging.  My regular laptop needs a new charging cord and this old one is so slow and crotchety I like to use it as little as possible.

To record Christian's birthday festivities, though, I will endure.

I draw two things for him every day: a train and a bus.  Then he turns the page in the notebook and I draw another train and another bus.  He turns the page and...you get the picture. 

So for his birthday gifts we got him a Playmobil bus and a board book with the song "The Wheels on the Bus."  We sing "Wheels on the Bus" every night at bedtime.  (Along with "God is so Good," because we like a variety in our musical genres.) 

For lunch we went to a restaurant that is a grilled cheese sandwich shop on a bus, and at suppertime he got a bus on top of his cupcake cake.  Best Mother Award in the Bus Theme Birthday Category?  Yes.


stick a bus on a cupcake and call it good

birthday dinner with the grandparents

first use of the You Are Special plate

the driver on the bus says "move on back"

'mommy put the bus on the cake but I want it'

I leave you with this warning: beware of little boys.  They will steal your heart clean away.

You will probably never get it back. 


Michelle said...

Grilled Cheese Grill! It's the best! Who would have known that an old bus would make the most elementary of food experience so much cooler! I'm glad he loved it.

And little boys are so sweet. They really do just sneak right into your heart without all the glitter and pigtails and tutus you know you'll love about little girls. Sometimes I'll just be going about my day and I'll look over at Henry and all he does is smile so innocently at me and I just melt into a puddle. I can only imagine the situation gets more and more dramatic as time goes by.

What I'm Liking... said...
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Kendra Bizeau said...

I LOVE having both a boy and girl(s)!! You are right, they are completely different and completely wonderful! Sounds like such a fun birthday and I love the bus cupcakes!! :) Levi's favorite book was all about trucks when he was little and it's so much fun. Yay for boys!! And girls. :) Happy 2nd birthday little man! And mom!

Tricia Kendell said...

We sing Wheels on the Bus all day long. ALL. DAY. LONG. Drivers, babies, mommies, people, windows...ducks, cats, dogs, elephants, Eva's, Ezra's, Mommy's...Yeah.

Bus. :-)