12 September 2013

Starbucks Reads My Blog

Almost exactly one year ago I found myself tiring of saying Pumpkin Spice Latte every time I talked about one (because I talk about them a lot), so I cleverly shortened it to PSL.  You can read all about that profound moment here.   Now what is all over Starbucks this year?  PSL this and PSL that.  And I STARTED it!  I really did!  What that means is somebody from Starbucks reads this blog.  And I should've copyrighted PSL. 

This week has been our first full week with our new schedule.  Daphne has school on Tuesday, BSF on Wednesday and school on Thursday, so she kind of thinks she gets to every-other-day this schedule all the time.  I picked her up from school today (Thursday) and she told me she's so excited to go to Bible Study again tomorrow.  I had to let her down gently that it doesn't quite work that way. 

She's learning stuff, though.  She told me there used to be a big blob and then God said "let there be light!" and now we have earth.  She tried saying "let there be light!" herself to see what would happen...and apparently she's not God because nothing happened. 

She is just getting slammed with the disappointments lately. 

Wednesday was Daphne's first day of BSF for the year, and the last year she gets to go with me.  Sniff.  David started going to the men's Monday night BSF so next year Daphne will go with him for the school age class.  We are one of the most BSFed families around.  I hope they put us on a poster. 

Christian started BSF on Tuesday because this year I get to be in leadership and leaders meet on Tuesdays.  Now he gets two days of crying hysterically as I leave him in classrooms instead of just one day.  He's so lucky.  We've started doing a "Yay BSF!  Yay teacher!" cheer to get him pumped up and excited.  I don't really know if it's working.
trying to get a First Day of BSF photo; it's not so good

First day of Mommy as a group leader, Christian in the 2's and Daphne in 4-6:

there's some first day panic in my eyes

And finally...I suppose this is big news...we're putting our house on the market at almost any time. Maybe even today if I get organized enough.  Tell all your house-hunting friends.    Do you think anyone will want to buy it?  I hope so.  Daphne says she wants to live here forever and ever (she wants everything 'forever and ever' these days) but she says she'll go with us to the new house if she can have bunnies there.  Bunnies?  Why does she think we're getting bunnies?  Please no bunnies. 

Once it sells we might be homeless for a time while we get things in order for our new house, so if you want us to live with you let me know.  I'm sure we would make the most excellent of roommates. 


Marla said...

I just love reading your blog Melissa, the way you talk about your kids is so endearing and funny. Also, I'm sure someone will love your house! It's been a few years since I've been there, but you have the most enchanting backyard of anyone I know who lives in town.

Michelle said...

Man! If only you had copywritten PSL, you could have enough money to have two houses! But I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

You can live with us until you get a new house! The kids can get bumble beds in the playroom - sorority style - and you and David can have one of the bedrooms currently being hollowed out of the basement. Ha!

Sara Marie said...

How exciting! You're going to be an amazing group leader! Praying your home sells quickly!

Meeka said...

I agree, the backyard is going to sell the house! So excited for these next steps for you all :).

Erika said...

I think I will buy your house, as long as you aren't moving too far away. Then we can be neighbors and real life BFFs. And it will make it easier for me to kidnap Daphne in the near future.

Shelley said...

You are always so funny. And I can't think of anything clever to say and so I'm not sure what to comment....I like it when you post. Keep posting. That is all.