06 December 2015

Slices of Life, Vol XIX

Our first little slice can be the kids in their Halloween costumes.  Better late than never.  Although never would probably be fine.

They decided on being Octonauts, characters from their favorite Netflix cartoon.  It was creative and fun and so unique that no one knew who they were.  Like the guy at Krispy Kreme who asked if Daphne was a nurse.

Dashi Dog, Kwasii Kitten, & a Vegimal

For some more slices...here are a few Recent Conversations with Daphne:

(She was playing with my calculator.)
D: "Where did you get this?"
M: "I've had it since I was in school."
D: "Oh, so it's an antique?"
D: "Well, I thought antiques were things that were old!"

D: "Will we be in the history books someday?"
M: "Maybe if you do something amazing, like become president of the United States."
D: "Or invent a corn station?"
M: "What's a corn station?"
D: "A place where everyone can get a corn sandwich."

(Days later)
D: "So if I become president does that mean I get to make all the rules?"

We had just completed a unit on the medieval times for history.  As we were doing the review questions, one question asked "what do you call a person who works for someone else in order to learn their trade?"
D: "A gangster?"
The answer is apprentice.  

Overheard Between Daphne and Christian:

(While playing with David's walkie talkies)
D: "Do you copy?"
C: "Yes, I want coffee."

C: "I got to watch Octonauts with Mommy!"
D: "I got to go to Bible study and see Papa and eat chocolate!"
C: "Then I'm not going to play with you until you're seven!"
back when they were still playing together

Jonas has a lot to say these days, too, especially when it comes to food.  And cheering for food.  He'll say "More apple? Yay!" Or, "More crackers? Yay!"  Sometimes he just cheers for himself:  "Yay Joe!" 
Lola! Yay!

A few weeks ago we couldn't find Jonas anywhere in the house.  He was straight up totally lost.  Finally David went into the dark big kids' bedroom and there he was, sitting on the top bunk, silent and happy.  We didn't know he could climb the ladder, nor did we know he liked playing in dark rooms by himself.

Now we know both of those things. 


Michelle said...

I'm really glad I'm not the only parent who has lost a kid in their own house... And it's also a good thing that Daphne will be seven soon so she and Christian can play together again.

Erika said...

Ahhhh?!?!?! He climbed up onto a top bunk?!?! How is that even possible! Also, I still want to kidnap Daphne.

Kelley said...

D is not alone in antique questions. I remember Steph and I watching the Wizard of Oz (back in the 60s) when I commented that it was a really old movie. Grandma was not happy.