16 September 2010

Another Great Memory

It's one of those things you always hear about. You kind of expect it to happen to you, but you hope dearly that it won't.

And then it does.

That's right folks, tonight Daphne went #2 in the tub, and then she tried to eat it.

Her face was saying "wow, where did this new toy come from?"

My face was saying "why do these things always happen when David is at work?"
In other more-fun-to-read-about developments, in the past week or two Daph has started spouting out 2 and 3 word sentences like she's preparing to give a speech or something. I think watching her learn to talk has been one of my favorite parts of watching her grow.

Daphne is also really big into singing and loves singing along with you or with the radio. She loves dictating what she wants you to sing about: random songs about her pets and toys and loved ones and Daddy at work. And she is memorizing all her favorite books, which she likes to 'read' along with me. So cute and fun.

Well, Daphne is all tucked in for the night and I have many, many pounds of peaches that need to get canned tonight. I will leave you with this video of Daphne putting on a performance just for you, her beloved viewers.

**Never mind, I've been checking the video on and off for the past 3 hours and for some reason Blogger doesn't want me to share it with you. Sorry. This photo of her shutting herself in her closet this morning will have to do. I heard her saying "bye bye" and looked over to see her disappearing inside the closet. She thought it was hilarious.


Kelley said...

If you would train her to use the toilet, this wouldn't happen! :) Aren't I helpful.

nathan said...

Remind me never to read this blog again during breakfast...