12 October 2010

In Her Dreams

At bedtime, Daphne wanted to read the book I'm reading:

Apparently she is no longer content with our family of three and would like 17 siblings, just like those Duggar children.

I think keeping track of one at the pumpkin patch is hard enough.


Nutty Mom said...

HAHA, that last pic is great. It took me a second to find her. That's a really cool pumpkin patch!

Kings of the Road said...

Just a tip, next time you go to the pumpkin patch it may be easier to keep track of Daphne if she isn't dressed as a pumpkin. Just a thought. :)

GrammaR said...

I have got to agree with Nicole. When I saw the pix, my first thought was, 'Well, don't dress her in orange', even though we all know Orange and Black is the best color combination.

Marla said...

Melissa, I am in love with your jacket. It's brilliantly fantastic and I'm jealous I don't have one.