23 January 2011

A Little Sunday Fun

Sometimes when Daphne is wearing an especially cute outfit I like take her picture.

Like this morning before church...

Where's Ellie?

Found her!

And now I have to chase her!

It was so miraculous that she kept her hat on for all of that. It's also miraculous that Ellie hasn't run away for good.

Daphne loves going to church because she gets to help with the music. Look at her! She's one of those soulful piano players who really gets into what she's playing. She could probably use some shades.

(OK, so that was only during the warm-up before church started because actually Daph's favorite thing about church is playing with her friends in the nursery. She learns about Jesus in there, though, so it's all good.)

(I love how Rob looks angry in that photo. Like maybe Daphne's playing isn't as great as I thought.)

Happy Sunday! Don't watch too much football, now.


GrandpaR said...

Hey Daffy!

Do you think your mom would wear giant polka dots on HER backside?

I watched football today - with your little cousin. She was kind of boring though, she slept the whole time!

Jessica said...

Love the worship team pic! Glad Daph is starting to learn piano early! ; )

Paige said...

SHe does look especially cute!! Thanks for sharing those pics!!