30 April 2015

A Trick Question Included

Since Jonas was content in his Bumbo with a snack, and since I had just found another place to hang a boxwood wreath, it seemed imperative to use my free arms to photograph the newly-organized wall.  Nothing like wall photos as fodder for the blog.

Then I spotted Jonas through the camera lens...

And now we've graduated from Bumbo use.

I found this book at an antique store recently, and immediately memories came to mind of looking at it over and over again as a kid.  A grandma had it; maybe Grandma B?  Daphne and I are reading it so that she can learn all about Amish people.

We had a pretty successful visit to that particular antique store because we found vintage picnic baskets, too. (Stars, fyi.)  The baskets store kitchen linens and sit around looking pretty, and they are very successful at both of their jobs. 

Soon our house will be fully decorated and then what will there be left to do in life?  

(Trick question: how many pictures of Amish children are in this blog post?)

(This is a trick question on so many different levels.)