01 May 2015

Jonas: 10 Months

Before we get started, let's mention real quick that this is almost three weeks late.  Yowza.

Favorite Things: food, standing up. Even when I'm holding him he likes to stand on my hip.  It's very uncomfortable.

Most Impressive: saying 'mama,' 'Daph,' 'all done,' 'night night,' 'boo;' mimicking sounds and pitches.

Weirdest: if I lay him on the floor, he will barely move.  If I lay him on a bed, he will roll and crawl all over it.  If only the whole world was a bed. 

I noticed his top teeth coming in recently.  And just like with Daphne, it's not the typical top middle two, it's the two on either side.  Like little fangs.  So weird and funny that both of them did that.
hanging out on the counter top gnawing on garlic, because we are anti-vampire

He had been waking up so often at night, and I think part of it had been his nighttime use of a pacifier.  It would fall out, then he would wake up and need someone to put it back in for him.  Like the gentle mother that I am, one day I just stopped giving him the pacifier at bed time.  He was very alarmed at the loss and we had a few very rough days and nights of sleep, but now he seems to *mostly* be sleeping through the night. This makes him my youngest baby to sleep through the night, and so he wins a prize of...nothing.  Except my joy and gratitude, of course. 

smart lola

look at his face!

One reason I've been blogging so scarcely lately is because Jonas wants to be held constantly.  As much as I love holding my babies, I think being in the stage where they want to be held almost all of their waking hours is one of the toughest things for me in the baby year.  I wish I could at least get super muscle-y arms out of the deal.

But the nice thing about being on baby-number-three as opposed to baby-number-one is that I know each season passes, and I know that one day it won't be as hard.  Soon enough I'll be able to do whatever I want with my arms.  Wave them around, or....just whatever. 

And one last thing; he lives with perpetual bed-head.  

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Shelley Smucker said...

You are so good at baby updates! And blog updates. And I am loving the pics of your home! It's coming together so beautifully. And also, my guess is 3 times on the Amish children picture question? Yes, I am being lazy and commenting on several posts in one comment. Awful of me, I know.:) ALSO, happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one. What a dear husband you have to throw you a nice big party.