29 May 2015

Jonas: 11 (and a half) Months

*Yesterday he was sitting in his high chair yelling, "Lola! Lola!" and throwing his food at her. 
*He started waving 'hi', and does a perfect little princess wave where he twists his hand back and forth.
*There is little motivation to learn to walk:

He's been waking up around 6 each morning and wanting his breakfast immediately.  He eats just as much as the big kids because he really likes food.  He's only 3rd percentile for weight though, so high five to him for his amazing metabolism.  (16lbs 11oz (and a pulse of 118!) at his May 7th doctor appointment.)

All 4 top teeth have come through now.  I thought that might help him be not quite so clingy, but instead he seems to have found something else that bothers him.  Not sure what the mystery ailment is this time around, but anytime he wants to let me know I will gladly try to help make it better. 

He loves being read to.  I feel kind of badly about this one, because I read to the big kids a lot but haven't really read directly to him.  Finding out he loves to sit on a lap with a book was a recent discovery that made me feel like a terrible mom.   
"ok Jonas, Jesus had 12 de-cycles"

He is SO squeezable and loveable.  What do you call the phenomenon where you can be extremely weary of holding the baby, and yet the second you put him down you miss him?

Even fussy, I can't get enough.
i miss you too, mom

i neeeeeed you, alllllwaaaays

alright, one quick smile

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Erika said...

Ahhh he's such a little thing!! What a sweet smile, though! It looks like you can outsource that lap reading pretty easily, though...everyone needs to learn about de-cycles!