21 May 2015

Highlights or Maybe Lowlights

Is it too late to post Easter photos?  They turned out so nicely, it would be a shame not to share.

what a nice looking family

Then there was the birthday party David threw me.

And Mother's Day.

Last night was a midnight vomit party x 3 with Christian; no photos of that.  After sickness #3 there couldn't be a #4 or more because we were out of clean sheets and pj's.  David says it's OK for the kids to wear regular clothes to bed but I don't think it is. He also thinks it's OK to miss-match their two piece pajama sets...he likes to see me haul the kids out of bed in order to put them in the correct pajama pairings after he purposefully messes them up.  It's one of our greatest sources of marital discord. 

And there you have the highlights of our April and May!

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Erika said...

HAHAHAHA Matt also thinks it's no biggie to mix-and-match the NON-mix-and-matching PJ sets!!! Or to wear clothes as PJs. Or PJs as clothes. Clearly he and David are cut from the same (probably not matching) cloth.