10 June 2015

Too Many Pictures, Too Little Food

This is a collage of what I call 'Jonas Tastes Rocks Every Day, Always Forgetting That They are Gross.'

Speaking of eating, I'm pretty sure that his recent crabbiness has been hunger and growth spurt related.  I started feeding him more and more and more food, took out a second mortgage in order to buy more groceries, and then fed him some more.  He seems happier now.

What do you feed the kids who never stop eating?  I'm always so relieved when one meal is over, but then there isn't much time until he's ready for another meal and I'm stressed out over what to fix all over again. I feel like the same steamed veggies, fruits, meats, beans, and eggs get so old after awhile.  He could eat fruit and beans all day, but that's not so good on the diapers.  He eats a little meat but not too much, so I worry about protein...I already buy the 5 dozen eggs packages from Costco and feel like we go through them way too quickly.  Cooking for him consumes my life. 
joe at the table long after everyone else has gone

If only he could eat rocks.  We have plenty.

He's screaming at my feet now; it's probably time to feed him his second supper.  Or maybe it's fourth lunch, depending on how you might look at it? Because he ate two lunches and it's still pretty early in the day.  Help us. 

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MattGinaNora Cornelius said...

So cute! I feel the same with Nora. Wish I could have an avacado tree here, since it seems like all Nora wants to eat are blueberries and avacados! She is iffy with eggs too, chews it once then spits it out. lol.