08 January 2010

A New Thing

Look what I can do!!

I'm not very good with our video camera, so while I can turn it on and push 'record,' there is no way I would know how to actually view what I just recorded. It never occurred to me to use my picture taking camera to take videos! Because I know how to put pictures onto the computer! And then Blogger has this handy little 'add a video' button I can push...and now I can put videos of Daphne on here every day for the rest of eternity.

Or maybe not, because it takes a seriously long time to upload videos. (You may have to pause the music on the side of the blog.)


Anonymous said...

oh cute! love videos!

Hi Daph!

Bethany said...

I just played the first movie for Jonathan and he sat very still, then started clapping for Daphne. He was very impressed with such fine crawling skills.