11 January 2010

She's Kind of a Toy Hog

It's so nice that Daphne could have a birthday and Christmas so that she can own some age appropriate toys.

Playing Duplos with her is pretty fun. Except that she always wants the exact ones we're playing with. And when we build an amazing house or tall tower, she immediately tears it apart. What's up with that? Someone needs to learn the art of cooperative play.

I had a cute video of Daphne and Brynner to post here, but for some reason even though the video shows up, when I try to play it it says it's unavailable. Whatever. I know it should be available because I put it there! Three times! I knew my new "skill" was too good to be true.


GrammaR said...

She has to be a toy hog before she can learn to share. That's just the way it is.

Grandpa is going to want to come play Duplos.

Anonymous said...

I bet uncle kyle and aunt erin will play duplos this weekend :)