05 January 2010

So Stylish

I mentioned months ago that sometimes David dresses Daphne in some very....questionable outfits.

Take this, for example:

It was a chilly day so I put Daphne in tights and a onesie to go under the real outfit she was going to wear. After her tights were on I asked David to put her braces on while I went to grab the rest of her things. I came back and he was heading out the door with her just in the tights and onesie, thinking it was her full outfit. You can see her shocked expression. She was so relieved that I stepped in to save her from being paraded around in her undergarments.

Last night for the first time ever David gave Daphne her bath. Typically when I bathe her, I make sure to comb her wet hair down so that it will dry somewhat nicely. David did not do this, and my, was she lookin' good this morning.

She's a very lovely little girl, don't ya think?


GrammaR said...

I hate to say it, but she does look like a boy. Only boys have hair that stands up like that. Girls comb their hair when it is wet. Oh, right, her dad had everything to do with this look.

GrandpaR said...

....and the problem is...?