05 September 2011

Bathtime is Better with Two

Daphne is an amazing big sister. I knew she would like having a baby around, but it's like she aged 10 years while we were in the hospital and turned herself into a full-time baby nanny. She loves to help with everything, like today when she helped give Christian his bath.

He clearly appreciated her help.

Because dropping a sopping wet washcloth directly onto his face is a good way to win his affections.


Gramma said...

Well, the nurse put a wet washcloth on his face. She knows because she watched. That bath she wasn't too sure about helping. I did manage to get her to put a few drops of water on his head just so she could say she helped with his very first bath.

Becky said...

Absolutely precious pictures! And you, Melissa are a wonderful writer. I enjoy reading your blog so much because of the way you express all the everyday things you encounter. So much humor and love and humility. Keep writing!