19 September 2011

Dear Sandman, Feel Free To Visit Us

For the first two weeks of Christian's life on the outside I was tempted to say, "what a good baby! look how well he sleeps!"

The hardest thing we (I) had to deal with during this time was his insane nursing binges he wanted to go on. Like 3, 4, 6 hours straight. I attribute that to the stomach flu that I got during his first week, where I was grossly sick and couldn't eat for a couple of days. Poor Christian lost bunches of weight his first week (a little more than normal) and had some jaundice issues, so I know he was just doing his best to be healthy. He wasn't quite back up to birth weight at his 2 week appointment, but he's chunking out just fine now.

Anyways, back to the main point of this post...the first two weeks were quite nice. You know, when a newborn can fall asleep anywhere you set them and sleep until they want to eat, and then you have to work really hard to keep them awake so they can eat, then they go back to sleep and stay that way until they want to eat again.

Then the 2 week mark comes and they wake up.

Right now our lives revolve around sleep training and staying home for naps and lots of crying from the small one when we don't get his nap started on time and exclamations of "will this child EVER sleep?!"

So far Christian is a zillion times easier to soothe than his sister ever was. I have not had to run the stairs even once. I'm not too upset about his sleep issues yet because after Daphne's tumultuous first year of no sleep, I know I will make it through and be OK no matter what type of sleeper he turns out to be.

Plus, Christian sounds like a billy goat when he cries, which I find awfully entertaining.

Add to that his cuteness, and it's hard to be too upset about anything.

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Kim said...

He's already changed so much! He's so cute. I laughed out loud at your comment about the stairs. Oh the things we will do to get our kiddos to sleep. Praying he turns out to be as good of a sleeper as Daphne was bad :) And for our next baby you better pray for the same thing!