30 September 2011

Slices of Life Vol III

In the middle of the night when I'm taking care of Christian I get confused and almost always refer to him as 'she.'

Wednesday night during the wee hours he projectile vomited directly onto my face.

Daphne always refers to Christian as 'it.' As in "I hold it, Mama?" Clearly our family has issues with pronouns.

Christian has even worse reflux than Daphne had. He spits up a lot, although less than he did before he had craniosacral therapy. Our first week at BSF he spit up all over me multiple times. I was like, "hi, new BSF group members, I apologize for my milk puke stink. Don't you want to be my friend?"

Christian weighs exactly 9lbs as of yesterday. He gained 2lbs in 3 weeks. That's a lot.

The bad thing about Christian being born on the 31st of the month is that he doesn't always get a month-birthday. There is no September 31st, so does that mean he will never be 1 month old?

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