11 November 2013

Slices of Life, Vol XI

Brought to you by the one and only Daphne Faith:

"I need a little tractor for me with a trailer so I can pull bananas and stuff."

"Did you cut up my paper that I painted?  I didn't want you to do that!  I will miss it!"

"Will your hair turn white when you get old?"
Me:  "I don't know, probably."
"But I like your hair the way it is!!"
 (And then she started crying.)

She saw a 'no smoking' sign at the MAX stop and asked what it meant. 
I tried to explain, "Have you ever seen someone with little things like sticks in their mouths with smoke coming out?"
She answered, "I've only seen Daddy do that."  

We were in the car, Daphne's favorite place for some non-stop chatter.
Me: "Hey Daph, how about you stop talking for awhile?"
Her:  "But I want to talk!  Can I talk?"
Me:  "OK, but I'm done answering for a little while so you'll have to just talk to yourself."
Without missing a beat she turned to Christian,
"Christian, what do you want to do tonight?  Do you want to go to sleep and then wake up and we can change minds?"

"I want to be a grandma when I grow up."

"If I could have a little vacuum I could clean up the whole city."

First time going to work (court) with Daddy; she said it was pretty boring:

Working hard on something:


Lori said...

gotta love a girl who "knows" she could clean up a whole city!

Kelley said...

Such a hoot! Love she plans to change her mind the day before. And do I recognize a cup in that photo?