29 November 2013


Poor David had to work yesterday.  The kids and I were going to trek down to Albany for the day, but then we decided to stay home and cook a full Thanksgiving meal here, hoping David would be able to come home for dinner and be able to pretend a little like it was a holiday.  Sadly for him, work was so busy all day that he only got to run home and jump out of the car long enough for us to throw to-go plates in his trunk as he sped off again.

But, my parents came up to keep us company at home, our fridge is stuffed with leftovers, and I woke up so early this morning that I could be out shopping since my parents are still here and could act as babysitters...but it's warm here on the sofa and cold outside.  It's been a good holiday.

I think I really like staying home for holidays.  I like it so much I just imagine that's what everyone likes the best.  Hosting is a lot of work, but since I get to stay home I don't mind it at all.  Is that how everyone feels?  That it's the most fun to have the holidays at their own house?  So does that mean if we all just did what we wanted no one would ever leave their houses and hang out with other people?  Or do some people prefer to leave their house and let someone else host?  Such a big loaded question for this Black Friday. 
an Indian girl and a regular boy; why didn't I make him a pilgrim hat?

football with papa

Over David's weekend we got all the Christmas stuff out so that today we can start decorating.  I admit it, I don't like seeing Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving.  Does that make me Grinchy?  David did turn the lights on on the playhouse before Thanksgiving, but I think that was OK because it's in the backyard and no one could really see.  Not even me if I didn't look out the back windows.  Last night Daphne went to sleep with her blinds open so that she could stare at the lights until she fell asleep because she has a perfect view of them from her bumble bed.  I have a feeling that is how every night of December will be. 

We had two people look at our house this week and one more is scheduled.  I didn't realize this time of year would be so busy with house hunters.  I figured things might slow down.  Our house was too big for those first two couples (too big...so funny), but we aren't too worried yet.  Selling in January or February would be nice.  Packing and cleaning during Christmas, not so much. 

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