01 November 2013

Treats and More

A few months ago Daphne told me she wanted to dress up as Iron Man for trick-or-treat.

I said, "what about Iron Girl?  We could put a little skirt on your outfit and you could be Iron Girl!"

Apparently that was the lamest idea ever.  "Iron Man is not a girl," she said, "And I'm going to be Iron Man."

I asked what she thought Christian should be and she didn't even hesitate: "He can be Baby Thor."

Thus our costume ideas were born.  I sat her down on Pinterest to look at some DIY Iron Man costumes, because I think it's so fun to get creative and try to make what we're wearing.  Buying them is so boring (and also really easy, which is definitely a strong point to consider).  But none of the homemade costumes had anything on what Iron Man is supposed to look like, so I opened the purse strings and bought her an outfit.  Fortunately it was on sale and I had another discount to add, so yay for still getting to be cheap.

Christian's outfit was super easy.  I went to Salvation Army on half price day (at 9PM on the 30th...because why not wait until the last possible second?) and got a red shirt to cut into a cape and a grey shirt to cut circles for his chest.  It cost $2.  I made his hammer out of toilet paper rolls and duct tape.  I didn't spend time making a helmet thing because I knew he wouldn't keep it on and I'm all about not being a time-waster (haha, yeah right).
some character from Narnia and two superheroes

I don't know how your neighborhoods are for Halloween, but ours is really nice with lots of little kids and their parents walking around having fun and lots of neighbors with lights on.  The first house we went to Christian walked himself right into their living room, because typically when you visit someone you go into their house.  Fortunately we have nice neighbors who just gently coaxed him back out to the porch.  It didn't take him long to understand if you stay on the porch and hold up your bucket you get a treat.  SO FUN.

We were only out for maybe half an hour, because we're not really in it for tons of candy and the little kids get tired easily.  We also had pizza at our house and gave out fruit snacks to people to came to our door.  (Daphne would say, "Here!  You can have two!").  I just love the warmth and friendliness that comes out on this night.  The sense of community is heart-warming.

For reals, though, satan's got no hold on this holiday in our house.  In fact, neighbors opening their doors and loving each other?  Kinda reeks of Jesus, if you ask me.  

(I'm a little curious to read the book Redeeming Halloween, which shares the research of church historian Phillip Schaff on the roots of All Saints Day and All Hallow's Eve.  Has anyone read it?)

(Also, I loved this blog post and skimming through people's thoughts in the comments.)

(And just in case you're worried about our heathen status for going trick-or-treating on Halloween, we also get a tree at Christmas and do eggs at Easter.  So yeah, we like to bring out the pagan in all the holidays, because we're cool like that.  Haha.  Although according to that book, the trick-or-treating tradition comes from All Saints Day, not just Samhain?  So apparently we only like to be pagans at Christmas and Easter?  Excellent.)

(OK, one more random side-note:  I've been thinking the last day or two about the giving aspect of trick-or-treat over the receiving aspect.  Like, make it more of us opening our doors and giving out to our community as opposed to going out and being the ones who take?   What's the best way for our family to share Jesus on Halloween?  I know hiding and pretending it doesn't exist isn't our personal family calling...but I don't know.  I don't want my kids getting selfish about wanting candy.  Hmm; food for my thoughts.  Or candy for my thoughts.  Whatever.)

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Meeka said...

Daphne is so awesome. I want to be her when I grow up.