25 October 2013

Twins in the Pumpkin Patch with a Scary Spider

Please tell me I'm not the only mom who does this:

I get dressed in the morning, get the kids dressed, and then once we're ready to head out the door, realize I've dressed at least 2 of us, if not all 3 of us, in semi-matching outfits.  Like I must've been in the mood for a particular style or color and inadvertently reflected that in the wardrobe choices. 

That's why last week Christian and I were wearing the same pants.  But we look great as twins!  I figure I should start choosing David's outfits as well because we would be so cute as one of those matchy-matchy families.  Especially since I don't try to match and it just comes naturally.  So naturally we should all match because apparently that's what I want deep in my heart of hearts. 
if only Christian owned a floral shirt

I think these photos are from last Wednesday.  The weather has been so amazing lately; foggy and chilly in the morning with warm sunny afternoons, and we've been soaking up every bit of sun we can like we're squirrels or bears preparing for winter or something. 

At this particular pumpkin patch (our favorite one) Christian wasn't afraid of the pumpkins, but he was afraid of the giant blow-up spider.  I love this picture of Daphne venturing up to touch the spider while Christian was hiding his face in the wagon floor:

Other than the terrifying spider, this pumpkin patch trip was a good one.  Especially because there was a cat and Christan loves cats.

Our front porch is basically a pumpkin patch in and of itself right now, but I'm going to bake a couple for puree and of course we'll carve a few, so hopefully in a week or two we'll look less like crazy pumpkin hoarders and more like normal people with just a healthy love of gourds. 
you can't see the two behind the mums or the 5 in the flower bed and the ones in the house


Erika said...

How do you look so cute in a pumpkin patch?!?! And twinsieness is next to Godliness, so high five for your successes there.

Nicole said...

you are such a doll!

i am stopping by from a comment you left on shelley's blog, frame of mind. you went with her to the blogging party, right?! sounds like you all had so much fun!!