06 October 2013

If You Love Trains, Here Ya Go

It's true David has been working a lot lately, but in good news, he switched over to day shift!!!!  That sentence deserves lots of !!!!!.  He switched two weeks ago, but somehow he got himself some overtime right away so he was working 7 A.M. to 11 P.M.  And I was thinking "day shift totally stinks!" and "this is ALL the day!"  Daphne was sad too; she missed her dad. 

Then he had training, which means he had no weekend and worked for 10 days...so yeah, we're still not sure yet if we like 'day' shift. 

But now he basically gets two weekends to make up for the weekend he lost, so he's on a little 5 day vacation.  Now we are all happy. 

Somehow I found out about the Oregon Pacific Railroad, looked on their website, and found it only costs $5 a person to go for a little train ride.  We love trains, we love $5 (plus they let Christian on for free!), so that's what we did yesterday.

We started at Oak's Park and went downtown kind of by OMSI.  You have a few minute break to go into the little railroad museum where they have the hugest engines of all times.  I never knew they were so big.  Then you head back to Oak's Park. 

It's a really fun little outing and a good way to spend an October Saturday afternoon.

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Lori said...

That must have made
Christian very happy!