04 October 2013

Crazy Chickens (AKA Us)

Might as well check in here and say 'hi!'  We've been running around like crazy chickens with our heads cut off, showing our house, putting in an offer on a possible new place (well, part of a new place.  The place under the new place (hint, hint and yet so confusing!). I'll tell the story if our offer is accepted.  Although if you know me in real life you already know...but still, no need to go on and on about something if it doesn't work out, so I'll just be ultra-vauge and ridiculous right now.) Deciding what bridge to live under once our house sells...you know.  Good stuff. 

No need for photos of what it looks like when I spend every second trying to keep our house looking good for whoever is coming to look at it on that particular day (since that's basically what is feels like I'm always doing).  The children DO NOT help with this, by the way.  

I did manage to get pictures for Daphne turning 5 before the rains came.  (5???  What on earth.)

And struggled to get any of Christian holding still long enough for a picture to be taken.  Finally I realized splashing in water made him happy and got him to at least stay in one place for a minute, so while he's a bit blurry here, that's just how we'll have to remember him at age 2.  As a blur. 

BSF is going perfectly and I love it, I got to join a community-type choir for Christmas, it seems like David is at work ALL the time (poor guy), and I think it's October although it seems like it should still be April at the latest.  Good grief. 


Erika said...

Love those heart-knee-patch leggings! Adorable!! Can't wait to see your new bridge and how you spiff it up! :)

Lori said...

Those photos are just wonderful! Good job! see you soon.......

Michelle said...

LOVE that picture of Daphne. So adorable! And blurry Christian, too. I think all two-year-olds are mostly blurry.

I'd also like to recommend the 405 bridge where it crosses 1-5. It's nearish our house and they always have a cozy little fire going there. Looks comfy.

Shelley said...

I just bought Jocelyn a pair of heart-patch tights which only serves to further confirm the fact that we both have impeccable taste.

I am sorry about David working lots. Randy does too. Boo.

I also sympathize with the headless chicken sentiments. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

Are you sure it's October? Prove it. My money is on late July.

GrandpaR said...

Don't worry -- life will soon slow down and time will cease to pass so quickly, you will have a calm peaceful existence, and husband will spend less and less time at work.