14 October 2013

A Little Then and Now

Two years ago September we took a little trip up to Ft Vancouver, one of our favorite parks to visit.  Christian was teeny tiny and Daphne was a few months shy of three. 

We went again last week and sort of replicated that picture:

Sweet little squishy Christian!  I just want to pinch those little baby cheeks.   He still has pretty good cheeks, he's just better at getting away from the pinching.  Or he will hit you with a big stick if you try. 

David bought a (gross and disgusting) pumpkin pie from the grocery store so he and the kids could have a little pie picnic.  Christian was with me and pronounced the pie "yucky."  Pumpkin pie isn't really the greatest thing anyways, but then to buy it?  That seems to be a recipe for disaster.  David and Daphne were happy, though.

Then as we were driving away I had the camera hanging out the window like a tourist to take a picture of one of the houses on Officer's Row, because it's a good inspiration house for the one we may be living in soon. 

Isn't it so cute?  (The answer is 'yes.')

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