07 October 2013

You Know the Pumpkin Patch is a Scary Place

I believe October 7th is the latest in our lives that we've waited to make it to the pumpkin patch.  We're getting lazy in our old age.  Daphne has been just desperate to go (she needed more pumpkins to decorate with), poor thing.

Christian also loves pumpkins, and even though he was super excited about the idea of the pumpkin patch, once we were standing in the middle of the field he pretty much freaked out.  I don't know why?  It's not like the pumpkins were unusually large or trying to attack him or anything.  They were just sitting there, being all orange and cute.
clinging to Daddy in terror while sis is blissfully happy

So we went to the little play area where I got scolded by a guy for standing on a tower of straw bales because apparently they're only for sitting on (and I wouldn't want to be a bad example for the oh, no other people who were there at 9 A.M. on a Monday morning).  Finally after riding a horse thing and watching Daphne peek through pumpkin cutouts Christian was ready to be unafraid of the pumpkin field.

If tiny pumpkins were this frightening I'm nervous on how he's going to handle the Christmas tree farm.  Who's raising this little scaredy-cat anyways?
contemplating the horror that is a field of pumpkins

a pumpkin snowman, and never afraid of anything


Lori said...

This is just TOO funny!!!!

Kelley said...

Goofy kids! Bring their boots this weekend so they can get their pumpkins.

Michelle said...

I don't know if you've ever been surrounded by spherical orange objects that are half your size, but I imagine it could be quite disconcerting.
Ellie freaked out at the pumpking patch last year, too. But I think she mostly disliked the mud. Sometimes you just have to brave the mud and gigantic gourds because the pictures are so cute. :-)