16 October 2013

MCC Sale and Cider Day

As I'm sure you all are devoted followers of this blog, you will remember this post from a year ago all about one of our favorite weekends of the year. 

This year was extra special, though, because GAL's family from Alaska got to come too.  (Not Mr. GAL, just in case that knowledge is important.  Did I hear he was camping alone in the wilds of Colorado?  Because that sounds awful, if it is true.)

So all the information about our weekend I already wrote last year.  BUT, this year you get extra special information from GAL's blog because she knows lots of things.  Like this post all about the inner workings of a cider press, in case you need that information for some reason.  (Although...the post did leave me wondering about worms in my cider?  Are you telling me I have 4 gallons of worm juice in my freezer?)  This post includes pictures of yummy grapes and sweet children. 

Here's our sign picture for 2013:

It's different than the one I put on Facebook, because I realized that in that one I was the only one who looked happy and in this one at least David looks happy, too. 

Other random photos that I liked from this year:
Stacy and GAL discussing quilts

lunch at the sale

somebody REALLY likes cider

view of the cider makers from the donut makers

a lot of people in this picture look...interesting

everybody cry!!

king and queen of the castle

baby barn kitty

 the best pianists learn here

My only regret is that I didn't eat very many donuts because I was still full from lunch...but fortunately for me I have the recipes and will be making pumpkin donuts again soon.   Just because I can.  

And that's a wrap on Sale and Cider Day 2013. 


Scooter said...

Melissa, I was sad I missed all the fun activities this year but now I'm all better after reading your post. It was like I was there the whole time. Great PICS!! Love the one of gramma great at the piano with the small kiddos. Well done. Hopefully I will share donuts with you next year.

Dale Adams said...

I think it's interesting that there is a photo of Daphne in an orange tshirt sitting in front of the cider press watching it in action on your blog post last year, and this year there's a photo of Daphne in an orange tshirt sitting in front of the cider press watching it in action on my blog post too!

Dale Adams said...
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Lori said...

oops, that was actually from me....