11 December 2014

It's Christmas, Let's All Fight

Christmastime is sparking some fiery conversations at our house.  Maybe someone can come over here and try to rationalize with my children?  Because they don't seem to want to listen to my words. 

Daphne had flung her body across the stairs and was wailing, "No one understands me!  My birthday is the one-seven, but no one understands me!"

I told her I DO understand her: understand that she's wrong.  (OK, I didn't say that.)   She knows her birthday is Christmas Eve but apparently that's December 17?   I haven't been able to convince her otherwise. 

Arguing over Christmas song lyrics is another fun and popular game. 

There's the stanza from 'Have a Holly Jolly Christmas:'

Ho ho the mistletoe, hung where you can see
Somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me

Do we say "blizzard once for me?"  Daph is convinced that we do.

Christian was listening to 'I'll be Home for Christmas.'  The song says,

Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams

and he thinks love light gleams is Lightening McQueen

Because if you happen to be away at war at Christmastime, I can see how thinking about Christmas Eve and Lightening McQueen would be VERY comforting.

at least they know what Christmas is all about

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