01 December 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Gluten Free Thanksgiving?

Just a few things to say about Thanksgiving 2014:

1) We've discovered that this house goes with holidays like macaroni goes with cheese.  Peanut butter with jelly.  OSU football with sad fans.  (Ha.  Kidding.  You don't have to be a winner to be happy.) 

Holidays and this house are fantastic.

2) We got some good pictures of our first Thanksgiving hosted here, the first of what will hopefully be many Thanksgivings to come.  I love hosting Thanksgiving if for no other reason than I get to make turkey stock after the meal is over.  And because Daph loves donning an apron and getting messy in the kitchen with me. 
"Is this the turkey's buns?"

They set the table with no regard for proper place setting etiquette

well, hi there, handsome

at the last minute David miraculously got the day off!  yay!

post dinner football

We loved this house in the fall, but now that the pumpkins are put away and Christmas has taken over...well, I just want to hole up here for the month of December and never leave. 

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