25 September 2015

Apple Day

Last night our dear Joe was up many more times than necessary and then wouldn't go back to sleep at all after 3:45AM.  Really, he is a delight of a child right now.
old picture not depicting the attitude of today

Speaking of delight, our apple trees did quite nicely this year.  Before all the apples fell for the dogs and deer to get (so much wildlife here), we shook the trees empty and made applesauce and three quarts of apple cider vinegar.  
christian trying to shoot apples down with a nerf gun

a more effective harvesting technique

somebody needs the hard job of taste testing every single apple

yes, we always pose our food beautifully on the front porch

For school that day, Daphne wrote a step-by-step tutorial on how to make applesauce.  My favorite of her details: "add cinnamon, then smell it."  If you don't smell the applesauce, it will not turn out as good.  FYI.

Our pear trees did not fare as well as the apples.  We had loads of beautiful pears this spring, and then one day I noticed most of them were gone.  Last year we had one ripe pear, this year none.  As least the trees are pretty when in bloom in the spring, although hopefully lovely spring aesthetics are not the only benefit we will receive from these trees over the years.

Alright.  Time to leave the quiet internet world and get back to crazy town.  Wish me luck.
that face.  scary. 

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Erika said...

Hahahaha- Jonas's face in that last picture!! You are IN for it!!! :) And I'm jealous of your yummy apple trees and applesauce. Give it an extra sniff for me!!