23 September 2015

September is Wild

Daphne said yesterday, "Can we please stop going so many places? I am tired of being in the car."

That's how we're feeling right now, because September is a beast.  So is Jonas, because he threw my brand new iPhone into the toilet the other day and now I am phoneless and sad.
beastly but still pretty lovable

when boys choose their accessories

David is changing his days off soon, partly because he was going to get bumped anyway in a few months, and partly to try to help calm our schedule down a bit.  He'll be working Sundays again, never something we love, but it is what it is and we're finding good things to look forward to despite that obstacle.  Like him getting Christmas off this year.  It's been a few years, so we are excited.  Which leads me to my next problem...where do I hang stocking this year?  And will Santa come early and sew Jonas's for me?  He didn't get a stocking last year, poor baby.  Even if his will only have coal in it because MY PHONE.

Oh, happy first day of fall!  Don't call me to talk about it, though. 


Michelle said...

HA! How I feel! I mean, fall is lovely and fun, but could everyone stop liking us and wanting us to do stuff?!?! K, thanks. (I only say that because I feel like it's random people who like us and want us to do stuff. I just want to do stuff with the super cool people. My life! Ha!)

Jonas' coal! Ha! Except... sorry about your phone. That is no bueno. And right after you lovingly canned him all those peaches.

melissa said...

Pretty much amen to everything you just said. And I saw you for a second this morning when you were at the admin table! I wanted to stand and shout 'hello!' but didn't think I should.

Michelle said...

HA! You should have. I was vaguely searching for friends in the crowd... without being weird and stalkerish. Now that I know where you are I will look harder and at least wave. At first when I went to Catherine's group I thought I had been sent to the "older mothers" (like the ones with teenagers) group and I was like... ummm... what? But then some younger women/moms with babies came so that was good. Stephanie is the only person I know in my group! It's crazy. But then Becca and Elysha came to sit with me afterward so that made me feel special.

Gina C said...

Cute pics! Sorry about your phone... it IS good that he's so darn cute. :D

Shelley Smucker said...

Oh man, that is the WORST about your phone! I am so, so sorry. Your porch is looking amazing though! There is that small comfort.:)