16 September 2015

Other People's Vacation Photos: Best Thing Ever

The kids are down for rest and there's a chance Christian is actually sleeping. 


So I started this 5 hours ago when he was napping, but then I had to wake him up so we could take Daphne to piano lessons.  He was less than pleased.  This is the first full week of our fall schedule and apparently it's exhausting because he napped yesterday, too.  Poor guy doesn't realize it's only Wednesday.  (He doesn't usually nap, in case that is unclear.)

But let's reach waaay back into our memories to when we went to the beach for a few days!  It was so long ago I can barely remember, but if it doesn't get blogged about, did it really happen?  

Here we have our little scientist (for reals; science is her favorite) with her "collection of sea things to study," as she put it, with serious plans to take the bucket home to keep in her bedroom.  I said, "you study it right here and then we leave it and its ocean stench on the beach."

And then there's Christian, climbing cliffs and humming the theme song to Octonauts.

Jonas was scared of the sand this trip, although we went again last week and he loved the sand and the ocean.  Hopefully his sand fear is out of his system for good.

This was fun and fabulous:
do you see them? ha.

It was my first time seeing whales in real life!  Oceanographer Daphne was pretty excited to see them as well; I don't think Christian saw the whales, but he kept exclaiming over all the flying fish (seagulls).  It seems he needs to watch more Octonauts episodes. 

Other highlights: our seagull friend who visited often once he/she figured out we were good at sharing snacks; a few good deals at the outlet mall; Daph discovering she loves clam chowder; and just having a nice little break from the insanity of painting a house.

inside devil's punchbowl

3 going on 13


Michelle said...

Such nice vacation photos they are!
When the kids are older you should take them Whale Watching in the Puget Sound as a homeschool field trip. I did it twice when I was a kid and it has stuck with me forever. We saw a baby orca that was black and yellow - it was so brand new that it's white skin was still stained from being born. Now that's something I think Scientist Daphne would be interested to see.

melissa said...

Um, that sounds like a great idea! Especially if we are guaranteed a newborn orca sighting. ;)