17 December 2009


Daphne has become quite expressive in the past months. I love that she now realizes how funny she is, so therefore continues her silliness in order to keep us laughing. She is especially good at being silly during church and keeping the folks behind us laughing throughout the entire church service.

So beware, church people, here is her new look:

She has to fight her own smiles at times.

We appreciate the addition to this well-known look:

And it's very important that she checks to see if we're still laughing on the other side of the camera, hence the deep lean you see here.

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. ~Proverbs 15:13a


GrammaR said...

What a silly girl! It is fun watching her personality come out.

Miche said...

I wonder if this thing is going to let me comment?

What very funny faces you have there Daphne!