23 December 2009

An Interruption

I have to interrupt the birth story to share a little Christmas cheer.

Last year in the NICU one of the night nurses dressed as Santa so that the babies could get Santa pictures for their first Christmas. Isn't that just the sweetest thing you've ever heard? We came in one morning to find a lovely little card showing a photo of Daphne and Santa all cuddled up together.

(You'll see in these next pictures how poor my computer skills are. Seriously, if Blogger didn't make their site 'blogging for dummies' there is no way I could ever have a blog. I had to scan these pictures in but weird things happened during the process that I can't even explain. I'm really sorry.)

Daphne's first Christmas:

Yesterday we took Daphne for her second Santa visit. She looked at me the whole time like, "Mother, why are you making me sit on this strangely dressed man's lap??!" Again, I apologize for the poor quality and very small photo. If you click on it you'll get a larger, grainier view. I should have just snuck a few pictures with my own camera, but there were huge signs all around saying "no outside photos." But then the people behind me took their own pictures! I hate that I feel I must always follow the rules.

I was so happy we found a Santa who was not 18, skinny and wearing a fake beard. This Santa was pretty nice, and he didn't even smell like cigarette smoke. (That was also a characteristic I was looking to stay away from.) Santa opened shop at noon and we were there a few minutes early, so we did get to watch as he made his grand entrance, pushing a cash register. Yay for commercialism.

I mean, Merry Christmas!

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