28 December 2009

Photo Fest

Let me tell you about the insanity that ensues when you throw a birthday party in the midst of 5 Christmas celebrations! We are currently experiencing party hangover.

I'm not complaining, though. It's nothing if not loads of fun.

Sadly, Daphne was in a bit of a mood at our many Christmas/birthday parties. She's doing her best to sleep as little as possible at this stage in her life. This stage in her life has been going on for 12 months now, so I'm wondering if she will ever grow out of it?

Now that Daphne has turned 1 I am really looking forward to continuing to watch her grow. I'm excited for the walking and the talking. I'm excited to be able to say, "Daphne, I'm making your lunch right now, so please stop trying to climb up my leg and crying like you've never been held even once in your life." It would be nice for her to understand more words than just "Daphne" and "lunch."

We've switched her over from baby milk to goat milk, and she's handling the transition perfectly fine. No tummy issues or weird diaper issues. I don't think she's even noticed the difference. It's nice to know that she could blend in with a herd of goats and be just fine.

Now for the pictures (none of which are very good because Daphne is refusing to sit still for photos these days).

Being grouchy her birthday morning.

Pulling it together enough to enjoy her birthday sweater from GAL and OSU football from her dad.

Birthday cards are super cool.

Being grouchy on Christmas morning.

Looking thrilled while posing with the Christmas tree.

Lola can always make her happy.

Really enjoying her Christmas outfit. I could not for the life of me get a good picture of her in it.

Dressed up for family photos at OSU.

Daphne's birthday cake. It sure was yummy and beautiful.

Did Daphne like her birthday party outfit? It's really hard to tell.

I have no photos from her actual birthday party because I was too busy trying keep the grouchy birthday girl from completely falling apart. One day to take a nap, and of course she laid in her bed the whole time and cried. She needs to work on her hosting manners a bit.

And finally, being silly on the drive to Albany.

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wannabmomma said...

Maybe she's experiencing the terrible 1's? And you'll bypass the terrible 2's???

I can't believe how grown up she is since I saw her in April. She's such a character! :0)