01 December 2009

O Daphne Tree

Mom, help! There's a huge glowing tree in here! I'm so freaked out by it. I may have laughed when you opened the front door and we saw Dad bringing it in, but it is so not funny anymore.

And now you want me to do what with this thing?

Honestly. Parents are so exasperating.

But this sure is a great place for me to sit. What a view.

P.S. Mom, I'm sorry I was such a grouch monster during this tree decorating party. It's not a reflection of my feelings about Christmas. Before you put me to bed it sure was nice to cuddle up with you near the lights of the tree while listening to that sweet Harry Connick Jr. guy sing about Santa. I really do like Christmas. Promise.

1 comment:

GrammaR said...

What a funny girl. Keep the Sponge Bob ornaments up high so she doesn't break them.

See you tomorrow.