30 November 2009

The Most Beautiful Tree Ever

Tree cutting day!

A few comparisons from our past years as tree cutters:

*We used to get a $5 permit and go hike around in the snowy Mt Hood National Forest to find the perfect tree. Then two years ago, at the exact spot where we usually go, a family got lost and stuck in the snow and spent several days in their car. We decided to learn from their mistake and hit up a local tree farm instead. Then last year there was the chance of giving birth at any time, so again the tree farm was a good option. And now the birthing is over but we have the baby...so yeah, tree farm.

*I was considering posting a photo of Daphne and I at this time last year cutting down our tree, but I just remembered I won an award for Most Unattractive 9-Months Pregnant Person. Therefore there will be no photo. Daphne enjoyed herself way more this year, anyways.

*Last year we took 7 pictures while at the tree farm. Today we took 64.

*Daphne has amazing tree picking skills, while David wanted the questionable trees. We need her.

*We used to be pretty quick settling on a tree. Especially if it was freezing cold or raining. This year it wasn't really very cold out, plus it was so fun wandering around letting Daph grab every single tree we walked by. (As we walked she had one hand sticking out of the Ergo, fingers wide open, making tree grabbing super easy.) We were there for 2 hours.

*We used to be 2 and that was cool. But we happen to be way cuter as 3.


wannabmomma said...

Very cute little story :0) I'm glad you aren't venturing off to the mountains anymore! :0)

GrammaR said...

Wise decision, not going to the wilderness with Daphne to find a tree.
So, if Daph likes touching the tree, how are you going to keep her out of it?